CHRISTIANO SHINES AGAIN, Cristiano Ronaldo 31 has defied his age and has his third winning streak of the champions league at Real Madrid. The clash of his team against Atletico Madrid on Sunday night has led to a lot of critiques that the star player did not perform as expected claiming that for the 120 minutes he did not shine as he usually does which is a well-known fact in the football world.

Critiques hinted that his age might just be catching up with him and fast which would be a reason as to his unexpected poor performance at the UEFA final. “The game was tough and yet we brought the cup home” was his response to his critiques. He said that he still has a lot to offer to Real Madrid as his football career is at its peak and he is not about to back down his efforts and determination of living not only his career but also his dream as a footballer.


Accompanied by his son at the award ceremony he said that he feels very proud to be playing for Real Madrid and looks forward to continue living his dream at Real even though he has two years left of his contract with the team. The Portuguese is the only one to win the Champions league three times which is a great success to reckon and his home country will be proud of him. He said that those jealous of his success cannot feel the pride of it but that does not bother him since he has a lot of people who love and support him all over the world and he does his best to keep them happy.

Ronaldo feels that Madrid would not be making a mistake if the team renews his contract after the two years remaining on his contract come to an end. “I love playing for Real” says the 31 year old and he feels at home playing with his fellow team players. He wants to maintain his top level game and even do better to improve his current scoring board.

The player had a vision that he was going to score the winning penalty and asked Zinedine Zidane to give him the chance to take on the last penalty since he was sure he would score, he said.

He reckons that the moment was a special one as he lifted the champions league cup saying that it had taken a lot of energy and determination for him and his fellow players thus the team was very proud of their achievement.  Cristiano also acknowledged Zidanes effort n support to the team and said that winning the cup with Real Madrid as coach was well deserved.

The player acknowledged that his performance at the final was not at its best but he did what he had to do and it worked out well, they won the champions league. The season was at its end and everyone was tired after many games through the season and the strength to play was less as compared to the beginning of the season but all in all they won the cup. Cristiano still feels good and in great shape to continue playing and deliver his best for the team.

Other past successes like being a three-time ballon d’Or winner is a great motivation for him and he seeks to perform even better. The winning goal during the penalty shoot-out was well delivered by Cristiano and yet again proved that he is there at his best to deliver. What more could a player ask for than having the final show to win the UEFA Champions League, Ronaldo proved he is still on top of his game and proud of it.

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