Cricket, A game which is known all over the world just because the tactics which are being used in this game are really very cool and it can be played by anyone. Today it is also being played by the people of every age group not only this, but it is also played in every street and every gully. So this is it for you to tell the popularity of this game. This game is also played on two different platforms first one is domestic level and the second one is international level in both the teams the number of players will be 15 but 4 will be outside of the field and 11 will be inside the field which is also known as playing 11.

The 4 players are the extra players and they got selected just in case any of the players got injured then on his place he will bat or ball. So in order to win the game the first inning team has to score as many runs as they are capable of and in 2nd inning the role changes and the opponent team have to reach to that score anyhow but in 2nd inning also the 1st inning objective is to stop them from reaching by dismissing the batsmen of another team.  This game is played all over the world and people of every age group likes to play games like this not only this but they also wanted to be part of it.

This game is widely played in 2 different platforms first one is domestic and second one is international. The first platform is very much popular and it is often known as gully cricket. The second platform is international level in this the player from all over the world used to join their country and after joining they used to play the games with different countries.

Cricket has 3 different formats which are given below:-

  • Test cricket– It is one of the oldest forms of cricket and some people also says that from that the game is actually evolved with test cricket. The first test match was played between Australia and England in the year of 1876-77. So this is how long this game traveled that time the rules and regulations of the game were very simple and nothing was technological that time but today everything has changed. The maximum number of overs which can be balled in a day is 90 and also there is no limit that how much over a bowler balls.
  • One day International – It is a form of cricket in which the numbers of overs will be limited. The first limited over the game was played in the year 1963 and it was introduced in England. But as per the records, the first international limited-over a game was played in the year 1971. It is one day game so in this the over will be limited and that will be of 50. The numbers of overs which a player can ball are 10. And the game also got the end in a day as because it is a limited over game. In 1975 International Cricket Council introduced World Championship in this format which is played between teams from all over the world and the team which will win the cup they will be known as world champions for 4 years and after 4 years once again the same tournament will be organized.
  • Twenty- Twenty International- It is the new format of cricket and also a very popular format the objective in this format will be also same but only thing will change is that the numbers of over will be 20 and a baller can be able to ball maximum 4 overs. This format has also many different tournaments which are played every year.

                So in last I just wanted to say that this game is just amazing and today everyone just love to play this game so if you also would like to enjoy then just go and learn today so that you can also get to know about this game.

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