E- Sports Video Games

E- Sports Video Games are a type of activity which is played through electronic devices like games and many other platforms.  These types of sports are very much popular because of the interactive graphics and visuals. The output is giving on the screen and there are many platforms where these games can be played if you wish to play e-sports on your PC then you can also do so and if you wish to play these games on your mobile phones then you can also do that.  These games are played professionally also in competitions. There are many varieties of genres are available today like first person shooter, real-time strategy and many other games like this.

E- Sports Video Games

Fighting games were the earliest games in the history of e –sports gaming because everyone likes to play fighting games. These games are full of thrill and action which is liked by everyone and it is also the first professional game of e- sports. And because of this a championship also got organized which is known Evolution Championship Series in 1999.  In these types of games there are two players in a single machine and which is known as multiplayer gaming today. There are many games which are played professionally like this Mortal Combat, Tekken Series, The king of Fighters Series and many more games like this also came to known in front of people. These fighting games have many tournaments also which are very well known and they are also famous today not only this but people like to play them individually also.

Street Fighter

It is the second genre of e-sports and it is also famous like the first version. It is also one of the earliest forms of game and one of the long running games in the history. There are many players who have got the popularity because of these platforms and because of those players today these games are being played by everyone. Not only this but some of the games don’t have a lot of popularity but this game is just amazing. The graphics and the visuals seem like real in this type of gaming platforms. There are several tournaments of these games are also played in the early times.  One of the very well-known professional street fighter is Diego Umehara. He have got popularity among the people because e-sports. He have played many tournaments in which he have got victory also.

Super Smash Bros.

Super smash bros. are one of the most famous series of gaming in Nintendo Versions.  While every title of e-sports has been in a high-profile competition super smash bros. have their high level of competition.  According to a statement given by Major League gaming it states that over 400 competitive tournaments were held in 2010 in the state of North America. Since from that time Melee has again hosted a tournament in 2015 with the latest version known Melee World Finals. Smash Wii u had also sponsored some of top online competitions which are ever being organized and it has been sponsored by ESL.  There other notable tournaments are also available like EVO and many others, but EVO created a record by entering 1,926 entrants.

Marvel vs. Capcom

It  is a fighting game series developed by Capcom and all the character which are shown in this game have been taken from the comic series of Marvel. It is also one of the most famous games and there are also some tournaments of this game which are played at the professional level.

So there are many varieties of e-sports games are available and they are also so famous today, so if you also want to enjoy these games then what are you waiting for just go and play it will be a huge fun.

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