FIFA Pitch

The football FIFA Pitch is the playing surface of soccer. It is full of grass so that the players don’t get injured while playing soccer. The turfs which are available on the ground are two types, one is artificial and second one is original. The line which is marked on the pitch are is important for the game and they play an essential role while playing if the ball goes outside the line near about 16 or 17m then it is known as foul. And if the ball is still on the line then a game is it still on the play. In order to score a goal the player has to cross the lines which are marked inside the golf post and if the ball is still on the line then, the score is not done. The game will continue as it was before if the ball is still on the line and if the ball crosses the line, then it is considered as a goal.

FIFA Pitch

The pitch of a Football is usually in a rectangular shape.  The sides which are longer are known as touchlines and the other sides which are opposing are known as a goal. The distance between the two goal line must be in between 45m and 90m (100 and 130yd) and it has been in the same length because if the two lines are not equal then it will be difficult during the game to score goals, so in order to keep this difficulty away the lines must be equal in length.  The two lines which are also marked in the pitch they should also be same in length and it should be in between 90m and 120m (100 and 130yd) in length.  The lines which are marked inside the pitch they should be equal 5in. The corners of the field marked with corner flags.

If there is an international match then the lines which are marked on the field they are marked with very efforts so that nothing can happen during the gameplay. The lines during international matches are constrained and it came in between 64 and 75m (70 and 80yd) and the touchlines should be in between 100 and 110m (110 and 120yd).  Due to small sizes of pitches during the gameplay in international matches IFAB in March 2008 customized the size of the pitch and set the dimension of pitch 105m long and 68m wide. But due to some reasons these changes were put on the hold and it has not been implemented.


All of you have heard about the goals whether you used to like soccer or not but you have heard about the goals so as like other games it is the scoring point in soccer. Goals are placed at the centers of each goal line. They are known to be a scoring point in this game and the player scores goal by hitting inside the goal post.  The inner side of a goal is made of wood and colored with white so that player can easily see the post.  The sizes of goal post must be like this inner edge should be 7.32 m (8 yds.)  Apart, and the lower edge of the crossbar should be 2.44 m (8 ft.) above the ground.  The nets which are placed inside the post they are not official they are just used to protect the ball from going outside of the field.  So from the very beginning of this game goal post were introduced but the crossbars weren’t invented till 1875, till that time in place of crossbar, string was used.  A goal is scored when the ball crosses the goal line after crossing the line if the defending player stops the ball then it is of no use because till that time the goal is known to be scored.

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