Handheld Gaming Consoles

Handheld Gaming Consoles – Technology is getting advanced day by day and the result of this is Handheld Gaming Consoles. It is a device in which game is played with the help of inbuilt keys which were given in the console and the progress which you will be making in this game is seen on a screen it has also an inbuilt speaker so that you don’t get bored when you are playing the game.  Handheld gaming consoles are very much different from other types of games like video games and play stations they are usually medium in size to your phone and they have inbuilt keys speaker and screen. From this type of consoles, you can play games anywhere and anytime.  The first handheld gaming console got launched in 1976 by Mattel the theme was a racing game which is known as Auto Race.  Later on, many well-known companies have launched many types of consoles with some extra features in them. Nowadays online casino games like slot machine games created by microgaming e-games can be played online.

Derivation of Handheld Games

History says that origin of handheld gaming consoles was found during the 1970s and early 1980s. In these types of consoles, the games were only one and there is no other option of playing other games. They were known as tabletop they are very much similar to the consoles which are available nowadays in the market.  But there is one difference that in order to play those games televisions screen was needed. In these types of consoles you have to connect your console via television and then only you will be getting the output of the game. These types of consoles are very much different from the games which are available today they are friendly, they can be carried and most importantly they are very convenient to play you can play games wherever you want. Whether you have an internet connection or not but even though you can play games on your consoles.

In 1979 a new handheld gaming console got launched in which the engineers have developed a new thing and that was the game consoles which got launched in that they have added gaming cartridges. The directional pad got introduced the cosmic hunter game in 1981 got launched. This game gave the idea of directional and how they can be able to operate the game via consoles.

The first killing game idea got launched when a very important person of a very well-known gaming consoles company was traveling in a bullet train he saw a bored businessman playing with his calculator and all because of this he used to get an idea.  And also because of this he introduces LCD in gaming consoles.

Gaming consoles are very much popular nowadays everyone likes to play games on gaming consoles. They can be either played via television and if you wish to play games on your hand then you can also do that. But they are very much expensive and the quality is also very good at these types of games. The gaming consoles are very much popular and almost everyone has played games on consoles.

Every people have played gaming consoles on their childhood and there are many types of trusted e-games. These games can be either played or your office and at home. These games are very much popular and today they are played everywhere throughout the world. Not only this, but there are many forms of these games are available like Sony play station and many others and they have inbuilt games in them. So if you are also a game lover then just don’t wait to go and grab a handheld gaming console today. There are many types of games that are very much popular so just pick that which one you like.

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