The soccer was a game of early football management. It was realized in Scotland in the year of 1989 by wizard games. The highest governing body of it is FIFA that stands at federation international of the football association. In United Kingdom association football is commonly known as football and in the United States and Canada it is known as soccer. Also evidences are found that at times of Han dynasty women was also playing an ancient version of football. In England the first match between women was held in 1895.

The soccer is played with a set of rules as framed by the laws of the game. Two teams are made consisting of eleven members each and they have to compete each other by scoring a goal. The team that scores more goals shall be considered a winner. Both the teams will be guided by their individual captains. The FIFA has the authority to publish the laws of the game and the board of the international football association (IFAB) shall maintain those laws. The instrument used in this game is a spherical ball of circumference ranging between 27.0-27.4 which in centimetres can be 68.5-69.5.


As FIFA is the international governing body of this game along with it the associated six regional confederations are: Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and the central/ north Caribbean and America. There are 209 national associations that are affiliated with both their respective continental confederations and FIFA. Also the international competitions are arranged and undertaken by FIFA. They are held once in every four years and almost around 190-200 nations participate and compete each other in this tournament to become the part of the final tournament. And in final tournament only 32 national teams are involved for a period of four weeks. The most recent tournament was held in 2014.

Also soccer is played at domestic level. That team who wins the country’s league shall be considered eligible for international competitions in the upcoming season. The main attraction of this game is that it can be played with minimal equipments and a free area with the team members. It does not include the cost of any other costly equipment.

 In today’s world soccer evokes great passions and has a very important role in the nation. Even this game is ruling over the hearts of the fans and communities. Millions of people watch this game on the internet or by visiting the stadium. Nowadays, even school, college and universities involve this game in their curriculum and provide opportunities for its students to play at state and national level.

The research has shown that soccer provides fitness and maintains good health. By undergoing training for one hour for one or two times in a week causes metabolic, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular adaptations. Even soccer training is used in the treatment of hypertension. Thus, this game provides with good health benefits and is played at nationwide.

Soccer plays an important role in the entire world as this game includes most of the nations of the world in its competition. To make this game popular soccer made its way through the English Channel. Even British and German had kept aside their weapons and have played this game. We can conclude that this game has even imparted brotherhood in the nations. Even the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi has found a passion for soccer and has established clubs for soccer. They are located in Pretoria, Durban and Johannesburg. This game is played without considering gender discrimination and age factor. All that is needed is passion towards soccer.

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